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Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Go deep and Rich

Toronto, Ontario
Hayagriva is one of our younger monks who gave a lively class this morning. He can't do otherwise. He is a most animated person.

In his presentation regarding the soul versus the body he relayed how souls which are by nature pure get trapped. It's the consciousness, the soul's extension, that gets polluted, he explained. It may be that the soul receives a body and goes trough a life cooking french fries. Hayagriva gave an example such as this about someone whose destiny might be limited  to a greasy-spoon restaurant and where there may be no scope for introspection. Whether confined to being in a box cooking junk food day in and day out or having thousands of people at your beck and call from a pent-house office for a broader world, where will our soul end up?

Hayagriva had raised certain points regarding succesful life as opposed to not making the grade. Should we just stay on the grid of mundane life and be a statistic of lost souls? In any event he conveyed his message well and all listeners  appreciated what he had to say based on youthful but deep realizations.

The day was blessed for me because of a potent morning program in the ashram and one more occurrence. I received in the mail a copy of " Rama-smarana ", a collection of creative reflections on divine pastimes, monologues actually. The publication aids the reader in realization or penetration towards devotional feelings. Most of the contributors are from Croatia, Czech Republic and other areas of East Europe or West Russia. Somehow my insert got included. Entitled " Maricha's Deliberation " it conveys the inner thoughts of the cunning mystic by the name of Marich from the epic " The Ramayana ".

In my opinion editor Krishna Ksetra has offered a great contribution to the library of devotional litterature with this book.

From the class about French fries to the book of Rama and walking some steps in between the day was very rich.

6 KM

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