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Sunday, November 4th, 2012

I Really Like...

Toronto, Ontario

I really like the policy of the Jewish community on the Sabbath. They walk to the synagogue. Last evening our car load of monks left for a satsang program via Bathurst St. This street is known from south to north for it's density of Israeli and Russian Jews. I admire the fact that they, at least orthodoxy, honours an abstinence of the car. Om Shalom!

This afternoon I had come to a point where I needed a break from the indoors so I took to the dry leaf trail near the Brickworks-Pleasantly I had chanced upon easygoing pedestrians who honoured no real policy from a religious perspective. Sunday, in the minds of many, still means "Family Day". Young and old take advantage of post Indian summer and the pre-biting-cold days to come.

A couple walked their pair of dogs. To be neighbourly I asked what breed they were. Pointing to one and, then the other, the woman said "This guy is bull-dog. The other is part beagle and part bull."

"Well they look like a handsome couple of guys," I remarked but not really intending it. To me they look downright mean and tough. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I thought, reflecting on the owners love for their pets. To be neighbourly was my intent. Friendliness opens the door to discussion and then perhaps to a trust in something deeper like spiritual life.

It has been my firm belief for quite some time that a stroll to the park is very close to the spirit. At least I feel a heck of a lot better, and closer to Krishna, after taking in forest air and connecting to people in that setting.

In the evening I was asked to speak to our Avenue Rd. temple Sunday crowd about young Krishna who maximized His time in rustic and rural settings. Yes, indeed the countryside is close to God. Urban imposition is what it is - a block to spiritual growth.

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