Monday, 5 November 2012

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Time and Grace

Burnaby, British Columbia

A drizzle. A walk. A mantra. Some words... began my day. In the Fraser River delta region a peaceful and timeless spirit can be felt especially before the sun is peeking. Unfortunately the timing of the sun's rising seems to excite the mode of passion. Traffic. Speed. Movement. Anguish then prevails.

I was driven to the Vancouver Airport by Jaya Govinda, one of the temple co-ordinators and it's always a pleasure to be in his company. I did end up in the last seat of an earlier West Jet flight. I was sandwiched between two women who happened to be friends. They were rather jolly. We spoke about time, about spirituality and of hurricanes and earthquakes and of their recent damage done on both coasts of North America.

I shared with them a passage I came across from a Christian writer of the 19th century. Frederic Faber wrote:

"God is slow, we are swift and precipitate. It is because we are but for a time, and He has been from eternity. Thus grace for the most part acts slowly, and mortification is as long as leveling a mountain, and prayer as the growth of an old oak. God works  by little and little, and sweetly and strongly He compasses his ends, but with a slowness which tries our faith because it is so great a mystery. "

The two women from Richmond and who were on either of my side really liked hearing the passage which I read to them.  I also found it insightful.

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