Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Columbus/West Palm
Colour became a theme for my time in Columbus. I walked 6th Avenue through a residential area and an older man crossing the street shouted “Hey, I like the way your robes blend in to the trees!”
“It’s kind of merge isn’t it?”
What struck me after that is there is this intensity of colour everywhere. Then I saw rambling through the dispersed brown leaves your average grey and black squirrels at play. Accompanying them was a pure white one. He had the bushy tail and all. Quite captivating to the eye!
I was jaunting to the Krishna House where I came to meet a young man who had really had it rough in life. His mother has a reputation of being an absolute saint, but like in most cases, every young guy growing up who doesn’t have a father figure, a good male role model, is usually really missing out. You might say this chap has led a life with lots of promised colour, but things only ended up looking really dull. There’s been a general trail of failures. Yet the other day when he picked up the mrdanga drum, he played it extremely well. It was astounding. Then I asked him what else he was (while thinking about recruiting people for future productions)? Then he showed me on his iPhone a stunt where he jumps over a car, flips in the air and makes the perfect landing on his feet. I was wowed. Then he tells me he does a host of other things including photography.
Overall he just needs to be rightly situated and be engaged according to his nature. And then I think he’ll be just fine. “He just needs a break” I thought. Let me ask, if he can travel with me to India and South Africa. I was thinking to slot him in to an acting role for the future festivals. I asked him and he said yes after some deliberation. He looks like a rainbow full of life and full of colour. I’m so happy for him. His mother was ecstatic.
10 KM

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