Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Every Step Is A Dance
Toronto, Ontario
Here is a quote from a book, “The Answer” by Anzlin and Brown (they happen to be friends of mine). In it they deliver a palatable description of heaven “from the Upanishads of the East”. The description opens up with what walking means in heaven.
“Where every step is a dance and every word a song, where the flowers talk to the bees and the squirrels converse with the trees. All beings are fully cognizant and transformable, boundless and immeasurable, eternal, all part of the play, the never-ending magical play. There is always celebration, constant festivals and feasts going on and on, with tumultuous drums and beautifully played musical instruments accompanying the merriment and bliss. A land of pure, ecstatic love, fully luminous, where everything is eternally resonating in the highest harmony, where lovers of life reside. All the illustrious denizens are expert musicians, with the flute being everyone’s favourite companion. The land is made of vibrant, sparkling cintamani stones they provide all things at all times. Glorious pristine forests and celestial gardens exist in the name of happiness with flowers and fragrances that increase one’s joy with every whiff. The streets are paved in brilliant gold and no one ever grows old. Every residence is an ornate opulent palace made from precious gemstones and jewels, bedecked with magnificent diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls, everlasting, majestic, dazzling homes that are spectacular and sublime, on indestructible time. No sun is needed for light. A place that is self-illuminating and self-sustaining, full of desire trees and wish-fulfilling cows that yield everyone’s hearts desires. The true destination of the soul, the ultimate abode of the heart where death does not triumph. A place of inextinguishable life where love prevails and the Chief Piper reigns supreme, the master flautist who is the Chief Lover and cause of all causes, with flute playing that enchants the three worlds. In the Piper’s eye, all life is equal and divine, all are offspring, all are sons and daughters, and all get his unconditional unalloyed, undying love.”
10 KM

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