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Thursday. October 11th, 201212

We Thank
Willowdale, Ontario

  '' We thank you God for sending us Bhaktimarg Swami and Gaura " was a portion of the prayer by Reverend Jim Beverley  at Tyndale University College and Seminary. I have known Jim since 1984 when he wanted to do a survey of our devotees. Those were the days when the U.of T. (University of Toronto) hosted Ted Patrick, an infamous deprogrammer, to the campus. A formal debate went on involving the question of credibility by the work of such persons who forcibly attempted to coerce people away from their beliefs. Physical, sexual and psychological tactics were used to, what shall I say, secularize people who were honouring the spirituality of their choice.

Those were messy times.

In any event Jim I had come to know since '84 during the debate. Now. Jim was giving Gaura and I honour as guest speakers to his Christian theological class. He was gracious to arrange a veggie meal for us. He indulged too and that was prior to the class. Jokingly, he said to his students, in regards to the meal, '' I guess I can be pure for one day too. " confessing that there's less sin in such a diet.

Jim asked if I would briefly outline my life story and then tell of Krishna Consciousness, so I proceeded and then the questions began to come from the students. The questions flowed like water. One of them was, " How do you perceive Jesus? ".

"As guru, as a teacher of truth, the son of God, a special avatar who has descended to elevate souls. "

Students were attentive. Gaura assisted in answering.

I thank God for this opportunity and for Jim's friendship.

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