Friday, 5 October 2012

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Full Verses Empty

Toronto Ontario

It was at the tail end of the day when I met Spencer, a law student at the reputable Osgoode Hall. He was curious when he saw me trekking, so he started talking.

"Who are you?" So I explained. He introduced himself.
"I went to Concordia College and I studied Buddhism and Hinduism. How do you deal with nothingness?" implying that our Krishna culture delves into voidism. Terms in Sanskrit such as nirvana and moksha are often times interpreted as referring to the soul's entering into nothingness when one reaches salvation. It is a common misconception about the soul's destiny when studying the eastern view on spirituality or philosophy. To reach or merge into a vacancy of sorts is just not the Vedic perspective or Vaishnava / Krishna perspective.

I said to Spencer that I'm dealing with fullness and not emptiness. In fact I've had a full and rather wholeness holistic day. Being that it's the Maha Mantra week I had encouraged a procession (with myself included) of chanters in China Town and the hip trendy Kensington Market. Then, being the eve of my birthday a full-on, over-the-top celebration was held at the ISKCON Ashram. The feast to follow filled our bellies.

Whether on this physical plane or in the liberated plane the soul can enjoy a fullness of the heart. And that is the bhakti approach; one of enrichment, fullness and many things to do. Practically everyday is like that.

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