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Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Walking Endorsement

Orillia, Ontario

Here’s a piece of literary enforcement to the walking culture. From a medical perspective and chemical body balance from Michelle Schoffro Cook has this to say:

“Walking helps elevate our breathing rate and oxygenate our blood. When we breathe more deeply we expel more carbon dioxide which decreases acidity in our body. Increased oxygen in our blood helps to feed a healthier cellular environment and contribute to a more alkaline state. Walking exersies our muscles in a way that ensures we have enough oxygen and fuel to function without damage. It will also get your lymph fluid moving and may help you work up a sweat…”

Hence, the physical benefits of the body’s mobilization are many. But I would like to add (in my own less eloquent way) that the value of human interaction in the process of walking cannot be underestimated. It also has its tie with good health.

I turned a corner along with fellow pedestrian, Praveen, at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto when at 5:45 AM a human queue of bus passengers to be stood rather lifeless with the doldrums of an early wake after a long weekend. I wondered what a hearty shout, “Good morning!” might do coming from a man of the cloth.

Sure enough, responses came (even no response is response). I actually received some joyful feedback from this ground level. If that exchange has anything to do with health returns, I would say, “Yes!” in a resounding way. Happy gestures put a brightness and lightness into the day and if I keep to turning the same corner when I’m in town and seeing the same similar faces I might even throw out a “Hare Krishna!” or two in the future.

On the note of happy sounds, Godbrother Gaura and I travelled to the city of Orillia to engage in a satsang to destination, the home of the Patels. Gaura is always good for happy greetings and happy, healthy chanting.

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