Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Push for an exit
Tottenham, Ontario

The world in it’s perpetual craziness can be quite overwhelming. The bickering and back biting political arena of the world poses disheartenment. Ears perk up to the sound of controversy. And even if there were no controversy it becomes engaging if not profitable to create some. Such are the symptoms of Kali Yuga, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy.

You pick up on a paper or pick up on a little something from CNN and you are informed but not enlightened. Not a great program.

Fortunately in my lifestyle I seldom harken to the stuff they call “news”, but since I cannot get away from people. People means, “human nature”. People means, “duality”. People means, “trouble” . People means, “pleasure”(SIGH!!!!) What to do?

I found myself with Gaura by a trail at the Tecumseh Conservation. Gaura needed a nap in the car; I needed a walk. I set foot on a decent trail trying to find my way to following tiring signs of bare feet tagged onto trees and what not. There were crossroads and junctures of trails. I had to decide which one to take. I came upon cleared areas and then some that were not so but I forged away on the best of instinct looking for natural directions when the “bare feet” symbol failed. Dried tall weeds and thistles posed a problem but I was determined to go through apparent confusion with hopes that I would see my way through entanglement. Fortunately the swamp wasn’t too wet. Finally I came to my place of original entry. It was good.

Whenever I feel to be entrapped by human confusion I take to a trail, in addition, I take time to process in addressing issues. Eventually I find hope and an exit.

9 KM

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