Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Intensify Week

Mississauga, Ontario

It has been declared “Maha Mantra Week” at the temple in Toronto in conjunction with the globally designated Holy Name Week. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness has been geared up for the task of putting the mantra, Hare Krishna, under the spotlight. This translates in the form of expressing the power of chanting at morning class in the ashram in addition to increasing the personal amount of chanting. I had the honour to speak from a verse of the book Bhagavatam wherein we find one of the masters of mantra meditation educating his followers on the positive effects of chanting.

Yamaraja is a teacher of chanting. He was way ahead of his time, chronologically, even to that of Chaitanya who in medieval India established this method of meditation as the dominant approach to reaching the Divine. Narada is another sage who is a remarkable exemplar of chanting.

I recall in my travels with the summer 2011 youth bus tour viewing the spectacular waterfalls in Washington State named after the “Hindu” sage Narada Muni. I had descended the mountain at the falls location via the main road in the company of a monk from San Diego. We were both marveling at this gorgeous piece of lush nature. It felt clean being in that setting. Facing the cascading waters appeared like a great wash, a great purifier. Narada Falls was actually the termination point of our walk.

The effect that chanting has on our consciousness is like that cleansing waterfall or like bing in the personal presence of sage Narada. You can’t find waterfalls everywhere but the mantra is always at your disposal.

Hare Krishna!

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