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Monday, October 22nd, 2012

From the Window

Tirupati, India

Pacing the room (201 in the guest house) at ISKCON was the practical walking approach today – a good hard pace that wouldn’t quite wear down the tiles on the floor with the AC blaring. That became my modus operandi in the environment I’m in.

I’m glad to be here. A spectacular view from our conference hall opens to the seven hills which are actually the formations of the multi-armed and headed Ananta Sesha. Here the great Vishnu in rock formation lies asleep.

To reach the famous Balaji (Vishnu) temple you ascend 4500 steps or more conveniently ride a bus to the top of the Tirumala Hills to the sight at a height of 2300 metres above sea level.
The massive window from our hall is effectively an inspirational opening to the spiritual world. I see it that way and I know that more so, my colleagues: monks, men, and family folks who have come as reps from around the world are feeling that our spot is inspirational.

During an evening shower a small incident took place – rather insignificant. As water trickled down onto the bodily frame, my bar of soap slipped from my hands and landed on the tiled shower floor. I bent down, grabbed the bar and moved up from that crouched position only to knock my head against the edge of the mid-level tap. The tap gauged at some layers of skin to reveal some blood. My drying towel got smeared red not knowing at the time of this slight but healable injury.

What was extraordinary about this is that almost immediately after notifying my assistant who chooses to be outside my door, six people came to my aid, including two doctors. It was determined that haldi (turmeric powder) should be applied directly to the wound. They did so. The powder gave a burning sensation. But that’s okay. I can be tough. After all I was raised on the farm.
Thanks helpers.

Also extraordinary is that my damaged head got to thinking. It was that window that revealed the world of Balaji and the day’s hours spent with our Vande team that fuelled thoughts of unbounded creativity. I spent the night, mostly awake dreaming up in my head a project that blew my own mind but which is doable.

Sorry, I can’t reveal these thoughts, but in time – yes! I take no credit for the brain explosives. Krishna is the creative principle.

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