Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Team Player

Tirupati, India

What an honour it is to be asked to lead a chant before the deities and what a pleasure also to be asked to do the same at the commencement of our International Leaders Meeting.

"That was soulful!" remarked a colleague after the kirtan (chant) was over. I'm usually not so participatory at meeting sessions where the group goes over the number 5. To compensate for this lack of saying something somehow I'm often given the roll to 'take it away' with leading a chant.

As chairperson of our creative arts initiative called 'Vande' I find to have little inhibition to speak my mind, my thoughts and creativity. We are a team of 4. I was impressed by a hand-out on core concepts of great teams. I wanted to share some of those concepts and characteristics on team playing in sutra or power codes. Here they are:

1) None of us are as smart as all of us.

2) The only thing which will ultimately hold any organization together will be a shared conviction in its purpose and its methods.

3) Effective leaders adjust their style to provide what the group can't provide for itself.

4) Leaders MUST lead, yet you will never, never have an empowered, self-directed team unless the leader is willing to share control.

5) The vision is a picture of the ideal end result.

6) The purpose identifies the work of the team and why it is important.

7) Values are the enduring beliefs that guide the team's actions.

4 KM

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