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Monday, October 8th, 2012


The Case About Kale Chips

Brighton, Ontario

Kale! Well, Mama used to wok it! She called it boere kol. It’s a Dutch favourite. According to many nutritionists, it’s a superman amongst veggies.

How appropriate that on Thanksgiving Day we had our exposure to this tasty green. Our national crew of Krishna devotees culminated our AGM with a visit to a totally organic farm nestled in the Northumberland Hills. Adrien and Draupadi are the foremen of the operation of not only these resilient green on their 50 acre plot but the Quinn family also have these veggies fuel a factory that churns out kale chips. They are solar dried raw food with presoaked cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, bell pepper lemon juice, coconut sap, nutritional yeast and Himalayan salt.

I know I sound like a commercial but these wonderful little edibles are sacredly saturated. They are Krishna koshered. To be more precise they are living food from green energy and are blessed with love. This is called prashadam.

The package reads “ULTIMATE KALE CHIPS: better than cheddar”.

It was great munching on them and still greater walking to the field of their yield along with other monks and lay members. We were also captivated by lotus flowers in the pond enroute to the kale field. No doubt they are a tougher species in coping with a cooler climate in Canada.

All in all it was a fantastic day spending time on a farm amid green wonders and goats, rams, donkey and cats as well as saints. In addition to these windy rustic roads were my trekking routes – Old Wooler Road and something called Lord Road to name two. On top of that the fall colours are enough to make the outdoors a totally appealing experience.

Wish you were all here to see the beauty and to get chipper for the chips.

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