Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wednesday, July14th, 2010

I Got My Satisfaction

Toronto, Ontario

I was sitting at the main office with a smile on my face. In fact I was super happy. Why? I was watching the next generation busying themselves in preparatory work for the weekend's Ratha Yatra festival. They were moving at high speed on phones, also texting, decorating, loading, unloading of goods and so on. One co-ordinator entered the building with a bravado saying, "I'll come and see you, Maharaj as soon as I can, but I first have to put out some fires," indicating that some ironing out had to be done.

I was watching this group of focused youth doing everything except ironing clothes. It was a pleasure to see. It was not a gloat from my side while I sat on an easy chair seeing them in perspirational work. I had offered to help but the response was, "We'll take care of it."

I felt almost as if out of a job. I was in their seat for years multi-tasking like crazy. Now they were taking on the burden of love with a gusto. Except for the occasional lending of advice to them, the next-generation-organizers, I had the freedom to go around and encourage them and other volunteers.

In any event the place is abuzz with service and that's the way it should be. Our neighbours are noticing the fervor fir "doing". One local girl said, "Oh yeah. I saw your trucks parked and ready for action."

It happens every year that young and old bhaktas, devotees work in harmony (with a few glitches here and there). It is so satisfying to see.

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