Thursday, 22 July 2010

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Go Tamal Go! Go Go!

Toronto, Ontario

One special assignment for me today was the preparation for a narration of Chaitanya’s eight verse prayer called “Shishastakam”. With the English translation I read the famous devotional lines queued to music selected by hip hop dancers, Tamal Krsna.

Tamal, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was a former teacher of dance. With a little persuasion he became convinced to take it up for this devotional try out in preparation for Detroit’s Ratha Yatra festival. He and I are collaborators on this dance narrative. I’m glad the arm twisting on him worked because here I could see a person of skill who needed to channel his gifts.

One contemporary of Chaitanya, Rupa Goswami, expressed that the highest form of renunciation is to use your talents and assets in the service to the Creator. If you have some extraordinary shakti (power) it can only be wasted away if not used in the service to others. Each and every one of us shines in a certain category of activities. Why block or suppress this sun?

If the sun wants to shine, then let it. Don’t cloud it over with inactivity or with ego. We are expected to be animated with our propensities.

Tamal was apprehensive in the beginning but then began to realize the worth of dovetailing or channeling your abilities in the service of others. I could tell he was burning with desire inside to display his talents. Now it could be directed to the soul rather than for a selfish purpose.

So this Saturday, Detroit will see an exciting new approach to hip hop.

Go! Tamal, Go! Go Go!

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