Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The Woods, The Peace and People

Thunder Bay

It was the first time ever that I walked to an airport, all the way to the departure’s entrance of a terminal. It’s a small terminal , mind you. From my host’s home it’s a mere 8 kilometers from Mountain Rd. to the airport and much of that stretch is boreal forest on both sides of the road.

I was reading about this boreal forest as the top protected woodlands in the world which take in an area from New Foundland all the way to British Columbia. It’s those boreal song birds that make those unique sounds that melt the heart. They vibrate like miniature flutes. In my mind I picture cowherd boys, mischievously hiding behind those trees, tooting their hollow pipes.

When you find yourself in a social network on a daily basis you feel the need for some solitude. That’s why in most cases I walk solo or perhaps with a companion making that time practically a time for silence save and except the chanting on beads. This chill out time is absolutely necessary for keeping sane and saintly. The woods in the north are ideal providing the solitude that is so essential.

Now the latest in Cross Canada marathons is a Mr. Dave Nash. He’s running 60-70km a day to raise awareness about equal shared parenting. He just came through Thunder Bay and informed people there that the current legal system drains families emotionally and financially through court battles. According to Dave the law needs to change to spare kids of the sad war that happens in the home.

It sounds like something worthy. I pray that the spiritual component becomes an option for consideration during such struggles that people go through.

8 KM

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