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Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Some Friendship

Toronto, Ontario

“I read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Is what you’re doing something like that?” asked the chap on Augusta Avenue.

“The source is India, of course, the same place where yogis come from. We are bhakti yogis,” I explained while on foot with a doctor friend, Murari Gupta.

“Paramahamsa Yogananda,” he recalled about the author of the classic book.

“Yes, there is a philosophical difference, but you will find there is a life of detachment and simplicity expressed in the book. Our approach emphasizes devotion to Krishna. Hare Krishna!”

The young man was intrigued and so were so many people on that day especially at the Toronto Islands on this second day of the Festival of India. One couple was in tears when he and she saw Murari. The reason? Two years ago at the festival time this couple was making their way to the beach when they stumbled upon the event. They met him by accident (or karma) and were shown around, took the food etc. Since that warm introductory experience they have been coming around to our ashram so steadily, participating in numerous spiritual programs with us. He and she come to volunteer on washing the skyscrapere of pots. They chant. They are addicts of devotional services now; their lives transformed.

And all because they were searching and it was in their astrological stars or just plain good fortune to have met the doctor, Murari, who prescribed a satisfying medicine, some warmth, charm and attention. That’s all it takes. Offer some friendship and deliver the goods- Krishna.

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