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Monday, July 26th, 2010

Plug Away

Toronto, Ontario

Some people do struggle with their spirituality. They are wet or dry; wet meaning immersed, involved or engaged in their God consciousness, and dry meaning there is a lull period in spiritual progress. This could be a time of inactivity or even a time which is referred to as the dark hour of the soul.

I invited J. Kay to walk with me north on Yonge Street to his job. He was talking about his entrances and exits and how he wants to overcome them.

Desire is very strong. If you want something bad enough you are likely to endeavour to that end. In Sanskrit the saying is eko bahunam yo vidadhati Kaman. The All-powerful One can fulfill all desires. The thing is He also has desires. If we are sincere in our effort to make spiritual progress and yet a small desire creeps in and starts to fester, the Lord in the heart favours your continual spiritual growth over your mundane wishes and as policy helps to fulfill that which is best for the individual.

“You keep plugging away, J. Kay. Drdha-vrata, or determination is what you have going for you. It is like the road. It points in a direction. It may meander but eventually it makes it to a final line,” I suggested.

Recently, a person saw me in the orange/saffron robes and asked, “Are you a member of the Dutch soccer team?”

“No!” I said, “I know they lost the game to Spain, but they were very determined, weren’t they?”

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