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Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Top Ten

Port Royal, Pennsylvania

Before the long haul to Pennsylvania by rented car, I squeezed in two and a half kilometers on foot in the town of Russell, Ontario. Our driver was Nitai Priya, but passengers, Gaura, Sing Lung Wong and myself had time to kill. Usually it’s my job to insert the spiritual element into these trips. So I asked everyone including driver if we could act as a self proclaimed panel of judges on coming up with our top ten favourite pastimes of Krishna.

Here is what we came up with; our top ten (and not necessarily in order favourite to less favourite):

1) Krishna kidnapping Rukmini
2) The gopis (cowherd maidents) blocking Krishna from leaving their village, Vrindavan.
3) Krishna smiling while his friend, Arjuna, was confused.
4) Krishna washing the feet of attendees at the Rajasuya sacrifice.
5) Krishna consuming the meager rice of poor man, Sudhama
6) Krishna’s mother, Yasoda, looking into the mouth of her son, and seeing the cosmic form.
7) The bumblebees that spoke to Radharani, Krishna’s confidante.
8) Krishna duplicating or cloning himself as many cowherd boys.
9) Krishna massaging His elder brother, Balaram’s legs.
10) Krishna wrestled down the bulls to win Princess Satya as His bride.

Dear readers, what are your tope ten favourites? I would like to hear from you.

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Jacob, Dhruva, Karuna and Jeff said...

1)When Krsna rescues the cowherd boys from the Aghasura demon, because Krsna protects His devotees and kills demons in inventive ways.
2)Krsna and Arjuna's scheme to steal Subhadra, because Balarama is also God, but he doesn't know Arjuna is in disguise as a sannyasi.
3)When Krsna takes up the chariot wheel on the battlefield of Kuruksetra, because Krsna will break His own promise to keep the promise of His devotee.
4)When Krsna fights Siva in Banasura's kingdom, because it illustrates Lord Siva's dependence on Krsna.
5)When Krsna washes the feet of the attendees at the rajasuya, because it shows Krsna's humility and detachment.
6)When Krsna attracts the gopis with his flute, because at that time everything animate becomes inanimate, and everything inanimate becomes animate.
7)When Krsna lifts Govardhan Hill, because Krsna simultaneously gives protection to every single resident of Vrindavan.
8)How Krsna comes as Nrsimha to kill Hiranyakasipu and maintain the benedictions given by his devotee, Brahma.
9)When Krsna saves Draupadi from having to make a feast for Durvasa Muni and his disciples, because He runs all the way from Dwarka and is satisfied by the smallest offering.
10)When Krsna accepts the banana peels from Vidura's wife, because Krsna accepts anything offered with love.