Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Hot Days!

Toronto, Ontario

It is steaming hot and a trip, a short drive to the lake at 5:15 AM offers some relief. Today it is Lakeshore west where a trail lies in the area of Sunnyside Beach. It is rather nauseous in a way with traffic whizzing by for the greater part of the trail.

Kayaks glide along the water for those who have found the paddling a meditation. And gulls take breakfast spotting it from the air. At least one did swoop down to make a catch, a tiny flopping doomed fish. Prey and predator were moving frantically until the swallow was completed.

Back to the ashram and you’ll find the heat is on again. We Canadians are not so accustomed to the high 30 degree Celsius weather with the humidity factor. Most of my day is preoccupied in working on our latest production, “The Three Lives of Bharat”, a drama set for outdoor stage in Montreal this weekend. It is very engaging keeping me out of trouble. The actors perceive it as hard work but work they love.

Between practices the water intake has increased. The tap runs more these days for making lemonade and for taking extra showers. This ordeal cannot compare to the scorching heat of India’s balmy weather and when I reflect on what was sweltering days of my youth working for eight intense hours a day in the tobacco harvest. That was the ultimate austerity. As a student earning a small income I learned much about toughness from the tobacco field work. In some ways the physical workout and good sweat set the stage for my Krishna consciousness.

I’m grateful for the hard work.

6 KM

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