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Friday, July 9th, 2010

She Scores!

Toronto, Ontario

She is a sweet singer with a golden voice. I consider her one of my spiritual daughters and now with the news she brought me, the paternal instinct became further enhanced. Her name is Karanamrita and she popped into Toronto to attend a wedding which I was not able to attend (although regrettably it was a marriage for another spiritual daughter).

Karanamrta has been singing for the yoga kirtan circuit but she admits to discovering a love for a whole new kind of activity – walking. She tells me she just returned from the famous Santiago walk in Spain. She covered hundreds of kilometers on foot and her plans for more of the same are just brewing. Tuscany is her next stop for a wanderlust experience.

I asked her why she was doing this and in so many words she conveyed the need to see herself more, to go deeper inside and see the divinity in everything. She spoke about the rhythm of the road, the freedom that walking offers, the reflection that comes about and the toughness it builds internally and externally.

We both concurred on the principle that very few people know what you are talking about on this subject until he or she applies to the process of carefree walking itself. It is rather uncanny that something so simple like walking could have such a mystical edge to it.

I would go so far to say that the magical harvest reaped from simply moving your feet IS a best kept secret. I have heard from many peers, spiritual bros, who have confessed to doing less car travel. Now I have found a daughter who has taken up seriously to marathon strides.

One day she covered 51 km. That’s an accomplishment, Karnamrta. Keep singing those songs and keep going those miles.

6 KM

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