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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

A Unique Village

Venables Valley, British Columbia

Sridhama is a 13 year old, Canadian boy who just happens to be the only male student in his school at Saranagati. It's a small school. The kids are bright, all of them, the girls and the one boy. I asked him what he thought about being the only guy. He seemed to be okay with it. Now that it's summer there will be more garcons coming to the valley. And after all, the principal is male, a sensitive, well mannered bloke by the name of Kartamasha.

Sridhama told me that he has been running long distance in the valley for two hours each day. That's determination!

I was also impressed with the mobilization of Vishakha, a godsister. She gets around in this rather lengthy valley, either on foot or bike.

The village of Saranagati, population just under 100, is a back-to-basics type of place. Many of the homes lack electricity. For some residents, water is hauled to the homes. Yet everyone seems comfortable. "Simple living and high thinking" was the motto used by our guru, Srila Prabhupada, to describe the way rural life should be. Life can be challenging though.

Yamuna and Dina were telling us that 130 pine trees on one side of their straw bail home were cut down after the pine beetle killed them and another 150 had to go on the other side. The fir trees are also endangered.

As for growing veggies and fruits, almost everyone has some kind of garden. The real big harvest of pride though are the kids in the valley. They are gems and a big reason for Saranagati being here in the first place. It's a great environment for them.

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