Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Back for a Day, Preparing

Toronto, Ontario

With two days past the summer solstice the heat can be felt.

I had been walking from Ossington/Dovercourt area back to the ashram and through what’s known as Little Italy. Hey, it seems as I had never left Italy. People are enjoying the out-of-doors. It’s hot and humid.

I caught one person speaking to another about the tremour felt earlier in the afternoon. On the Richter scale it measured at 5.5. From six hundred kilometers to the east of us, Montreal residents felt it as well.

Police are all around in preparation for any protesting potentials. This weekend will be a G20 summit in Toronto. Delegates are arriving from around the world to discuss financial woes. It’s beginning to feel like a setting up for people clashing. Some streets are blocked and police are on guard everywhere while maintaining a friendly demeanour.

It’s interesting. I was walking from a martial arts class. I decided to invest our little drama troupe in taking some Indian Martial Arts called Kala Rupina, a skill rooted from South India. The devotee actors enjoyed the workout which was taken more as a style of dance. I watched.

I guess we all need to prepare for a coming or rather on-going battle with the six senses including the mind.

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