Monday, 7 June 2010

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Rock Repair

Highway #1, British Columbia

As on the way to Saranagati our departure back to Burnaby was hampered by delays on the Trans Canada highway. Rock wall reinforcement by a major contracting company was in full force at locations along this road which I have become all too familiar with. Yes, I have by the grace of God been able to tread this path twice before. The Thompson river with it’s high speed runs tightly along side the highway while on the other side you have this steep cliff with falling rock, which is the reason for this reinforcement.

To execute this feat towards safety the workers suspend themselves like rock climbers and throw huge nets against the side of the wall. Our mode of transport was automobile, but because of the delays Rob, my driver, Nirguna, the passenger, and I could grasp a good look at the work being done.

In order to keep maintenance up, the rock was is in constant need of inspection every season. When it looks insecure the workers are called in to reinforce. It seems they always need to be, “On top of the situation”.

Our own devotion requires a regular review otherwise we may experience a crumbling and a break up of something that was once very solid. That’s why people on the spiritual path accept a guru-someone who is assessing our pacing and walking on the delicate journey of life.

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