Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Moving Toward the Air Again

Toronto, Ontario

The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico continues to wreak havoc with ocean water and ocean residents. The spill has been haunting us all for one month now.

What a monster we have created! What an oversight on the part of man's passion to extract extreme energy sources? Had anyone thought that crude oil should perhaps remain in the depths below us? What will be the consequences for tampering with Mother Nature this time around?

As I was contemplating this morose subject while sitting in the office at the ashram a man appeared at the door. He was most jovial and expected me to remember him.
“I’m still around”, he said and then it dawned on me that this face was familiar – a face revisited from the mid-seventies. I suddenly recalled.

“How’s it going?” I asked him excitedly.

“Well it’s almost all gone”, referring to his youth. With that remark he lightened
the atmosphere and my grimness was put on the back burner. The visitor announced his name leading on to a friendship rekindled.

The day was tight with preparations underway for my next trip which was tonight headed for Milano. I patiently waited at the airport with an embarrassing mire four kilometres under my heels for the day when I met Brian and Leana, teachers of an alternative secondary school. They had met me at the temple some years ago on a field trip with their students. By divine arrangement they took the same flght as I was on, with Finnair. More interesting was that their seat numbers were 28 E and F. I had 28 D on my ticket stub.

We chatted about the oil tragedy and other topics until the new day began, skipping over a seven hour time zone change. “This is quite usual for me, this travelling about”, I explained to them “you are just getting the taste of swami life, always on the go”.

4 KM

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