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Saturday, June 5th, 2010

The Attention Marriage Brings

Toronto, Ontario

Radha Krishna and Rashi are two young women from Montreal and Toronto respectively who accompanied the two Penn boys and myself through quiet Rosedale streets during our japa meditation session. We walked and fingered our beads while chanting. Radha came to Toronto for her sister’s wedding. I assume she’s very happy about that. Next Year it will be her turn as the plans are in the making.

Devamrita Swami, my monk friend from New York, chose the theme of relationships to speak on for our Bhagavatham class. He touched on the topic of marriage since it was on everyone’s mind. Guests had come from Ottawa and Montreal.

He brought up an incident about a young fellow newly married in New Zealand aspiring for three children and hoping he would receive the attention he deserved as the principle person in the house. He boasted this is the way it should be. A friend took him to the side and said, “That’s not the way it works. After the first child is born 33% attention you will have lost. After the second it’s 66% attention is gone. By the third child it becomes a whopping 99%.”

Yes, entering into a relationship through marriage it can become the most humbling experience. It’s a lot of sacrifice.

Because of the gorgeous marriage between Casper and Radha’s sister, Vraja, it was a day of shine.

All that glitters though is not gold, and with some pre-marital counseling this has prepared the couple well.

I managed to eat my rations of wedding feast before slipping away to a house program on the east end to read and discuss the marriage of Krishna and Rukmini. The packed room of people illustrated that everyone loves a love story.

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