Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

To the Quiet Island

Dustin and I set ourselves for an early pace on Highway 102. It’s actually illegal according to the sign board which you see only after trailing it. We decided for an ‘ahead of the game’ approach to our trip as I usually do because I generally get impatient waiting for the rest of my co-travelers. We decided they will come when ready and pick us up.

It was funny. Enroute to the highway on the Joseph Howe Drive, Dustin and I passed by thte Bethany United Church. An outdoor church sign indicated that the Sundays’ sermon topic will be “Shit Happens!” That topic grabbed my attention. What would they be referring to – this material world? I have heard it said by one of my peers that this whole mundane world is one big toilet. It isn’t even debatable.

Speaking of which, today’s destination was Charlottetown. It is one of those places of ‘crap incident’. By that I’m referring to war and struggle of the historical past in the city. It was another one of those French/English collisions of cannon balls flying and shops and buildings being destroyed.

Right next to the historic cannons at the battery in Victoria Park, Nitai Ram, Dustin and I plopped ourselves on the grass for our musical rehearsal in preparation for the evening. We played. And passerby enjoyed.

The performance held in the Benevolent Irish Cultural Centre on North River Road went well. The modest hall reached its full capacity. People were charmed by our chant, our speech and our dramatic performance of ‘Lonely People’. That was our ammunition.

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