Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

In Honour of People and Supersoul

Venables Valley, British Columbia

Last evening, before rest, I took an extra half a kilometer stroll to burn off the birthday cake in my belly. The only thing is one kilometer doesn't always do the trick. Food forces me to walk for digestive purposes. Let me also clarify that it was not my birthday, but the birthday of young Gauri, who turned six. For what it is worth, these short stints become dedications to my stomach and this particular trek, to the birthday person I'm honouring.

The early trek under the skytrain trail this morning, became a dedication to Saraswati, a senior person in the Vancouver community whose health is deteriorating very quickly. She asked that I come to see her in the hospital, so time will be set aside for just that.

My final footing for the day took place in Venables Valley, at the village of Saranagati, where another dedication went to Sita, a young girl born here. She lost her mom last February, due to heart failure. She was not aware that some distance on foot was being executed on her behalf. I don't always reveal to the person I am behind, but my wish is that the effort will bear some fruit and that my dedicatee will grow inwardly.

And as far as dedications are concerned, some of my peers gathered at the house of Kulashekar, who uses his facility as a temple for the community. We wrapped ourselves into chapter thirteen of the Bhagavad-Gita entitled "Nature, the Enjoyer and Consciousness" which highlight the qualities of the Supersoul. In our exploration of the chapter, we unearthed over 50 qualities from throughout the Gita, attributed to this feature of the Absolute, this prominent Soul.

The interactive research oriented exercise was a good combing of the book and we were pleasantly surprised to find out the outstanding qualities of this feature of the Absolute. We all left the building much more aware and hence the dedication is directed to Paramatma, the Supersoul.

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