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Monday, June 7th, 2010

Monday Usual

Toronto, Ontario

My routine often is to walk a ravine or residential streets from 5:15-7:00 am when I’m in Toronto. At 7am the gates and curtains of the most sacred images of Krishna are revealed. It then is kirtan (chanting) time with mrdunga drums and maybe one pair of Kartals (hand cymbals). Yes one pair is enough, Thank-you! Ear drums don’t require more. It retains a sweetness at this hour of a mere dozen attendees.

This time frame also includes a guru-puja (honouring the guru). Then, as we have held custom here for years, our temple residents sit and listen to a CD recording of our guru, Srila Prabhupada. Hearing this sound challenges the Monday Blues. Remember the gloomy vibes of the mama’s and the papa’s, “Monday Monday”.

Today we listened to a recorded talk based on the Gita’s verse 4.13 spoken on April 2/74 in Bombay. We take notes for 10-15 minutes, put the recording on pause and go around the room asking the listeners to individually say something they recall was said. This part is as exciting as the talk itself.

Some of the points covered were:
1. Krishna created the 4 social and 4 spiritual systems- a structure to benefit human kind.
2. The word “Hindu” is a misnomer created by the muslims. “Hindu” is a word which doesn’t appear in the scriptures of India.
3. The qualities of a Brahmin are peacefulness, self-controlled, austere, clean and honest.
4. That place where there is little sunshine is condemned.
5. India has lost much of it’s brahminical culture.
6. One who eats meat is not very evolved in spiritual realization.
7. However one who does indulge in meat consumption, even if it be dog flesh, can take the opportunity to change.

There were more samples of what was said. It was food for thought.
I do recall Mama Cass Elliot who had a great voice with a great sense of rhythm. It was unfortunately a ham sandwich that took her life.

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