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Friday, June 25th, 2010

What the Eyes Saw!

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

They are radiant – the monks of Nova Scotia. Our brahmacharis, namely Nitai Ram, Karuna Sindhu, Jeff, Dustin and Jacob are a real working team. Before they embark on a journey for summer travel (by wheels and not on foot), we took a drive down this popular destination point. There’s one of those old lighthouses, ancient worn rocks and rustic quaint homes of fishermen. As we parked we took in the great ocean air and then went wild to choose which massive boulder to conquer. We settled on one spot for a chanting session location.

Our guys glowed in their saffron attire set against the blue sky. At a rock next to us sat a group of female graduates all in black gowns. This made for an interesting juxtaposition.

One of the boys tapped on the mrdunga drum. Another figured his way along the harmonium keyboard and the rest of us, admirers of Krishna, began to sing.

A tourist asked if the song was a memorial service to the Swissair disaster of several years back when tragically a plane crashed at this cove. The answer could easily be answered: “Every time we chant it is a service whether for something specific or not. Chanting is an offering to the Supreme, the creation and all that’s within. It is always a dedication.”
More tourists were curious. They saw this all as an added feature. People came to see the village with its boats docked, lobster traps stacked on small piers, the lighthouse, the mysterious ocean and now they saw a group of bald monks singing their hearts out.

And we, the monks, were happy to see them.

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