Thursday, 7 January 2021

Monday, January 4, 2021

Brickworks, Toronto


Book Walk Celebration


We were outside and kept our distance. We walked the trails, or rather "crunched" along, over the surface of icy snow. We made our noise and made it clear, with the sound of our footsteps, that we were present. There could not be louder footsteps even if we tried.


The "we" referred to are the Patel clan, from Muskoka. A dozen of us had arranged for a purely outdoor event, in a separated formation, simply through walking and celebrating.


What was the celebration all about?


Well, in early December, I asked the group from what is known as "cottage country," if they could participate in the book marathon, more particularly in the distribution of Bhagavad-gitas in their community. The goal set was for three hundred Gitas to be sponsored and distributed during the month of December in 2020.


The happy group, that was so driven to get out the mercy of Krishna's divine words, reported to me that they reached the grand total of fifteen hundred. It was an occasion for cheers! Instead of popping bottles of champagne our approach to success of going over the goal was via a walking party.


Just imagine that, taking in a piece of nature and moving through it as a way of merry-making? Well, it was done and I admire them because they are a united group and they exude a strong sense of community. Wait till Covid is over and then there may be more intense celebration, such as soul-touching

kirtan—chanting sessions. For now it took the shape of walking and making the crunching sound under the feet.


May the source be with you!

4 km


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