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Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Winnipeg, Manitoba
House With a Purpose

The house is a 1974 structure with a split level feature on the main floor.  The basement, which I haven’t seen, is rented out to students.  Visvambhara and Maha Sundari, a couple from India, reached Winnipeg a little over two years ago, got employment and were, this last summer, ready to purchase the above dream house, situated in the St. Vital section of Winnipeg.

“We liked the location.  There’s southerly windows.  The main entrance is in the east (which, according to Vastu scriptures, is auspicious).  Also, there’s a park across the street where we can chant in the summer,” said Visvambhara.

The plan is to run the house like a meeting place, where people can come to learn of the technique of devotion to Krishnahence the name Bhakti Village.

I was hosted by the couple.  They fed me my favorite—wraps.  We also spent a good portion of the day re-arranging furniture, pictures and deities in order to maximize the use of space for those coming to bhakti sessions.

Morning and evening segments were spent in devotional readings and discussions.  The morning session was powerful.  We read from Canto 2 of the Bhagavatam, regarding a dying king.  Emperor Pariksit had one week to live and so he was advised to put  karma kanda behind him forever.  This refers to physical and royal pleasures. Even religious piety was to be rejected and substituted for a fixation or meditation on the Source of the world.  Bhakti, or divine love, was to occupy his last moments.

The Bhagavatam tells that he succeeded.

May the Source be with you!

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