Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Toronto, Ontario

While Here
While here in the ashram, I can look out to see what nature is doing.  The windows reveal the truth.  Once again, today is a white reality.  Yes, snow is out there and it is a natural silencer of things.

“Prabhu, could you please shovel the snow?”  I ask one of the younger monks willing to get into a workout.  Sometimes it’s two or three volunteers who demonstrate beaver-power as far as team work is concerned.  It’s great to see them out there with their cardio exercise in full swing.

I had my share of good old-fashioned physio cleaning the walls and floors of the ashram.  They really needed it and so did I.  Cleaning a holy place is like cleaning the heart.  Sri Chaitanya, one of the most outstanding monks of all times, said to a local trouble-maker, “Amogha, you are born a brahman (a priest).  Your heart should be clean.  God needs to sit there.  He doesn’t like dirty places.”

Amogha was suffering from cholera, a result (according to those who analyzed the story) of finding fault, chronically, in those who were innocent.  Chaitanya put his hand on the chest of the ailing Amogha and instant healing took place.  It was a miracle, an absolute miracle.

In addition to the cleaning, I trudged on through snow again today, for two hours, on my way to directing a drama.  The white stuff that people seem to abhor should be given a second look.  It cleans the air and gives us service.

May the Source be with you!

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