Thursday, 1 December 2016

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Habana, Cuba 


It has become quite the tradition (within the nine years I’ve been coming to Cuba) to take that stroll along the seawall known as Malecón and to the Morro Lighthouse, which, according to local devotees, had been a look-out for pirates in the days of yore.

Four of us walked next to the wall with care.  The ocean’s waves tend to crash against that wall and create a major splash onto pedestrians, and in spots, to land four lanes over onto the major thoroughfare of Habana.

We passed by the U.S. Embassy with the stars and stripes flapping.  There is also the grand Hotel National, the place frequented by Mafia, decades ago.

“Such as Al Capone?” I asked Janardan, one of the native Cubans, but now running our temple in Madrid.

“Oh yes!”  he said.


Well, I spent quite the time speaking with devotees of Krishna over the topic of a recent history, of some controversy, regarding the attire of western dress versus what some called Hindu dress.  Extreme positions had been taken, and I simply took the stance that you can privately, and now even publicly, dress whatever way you like.  I walk all over Cuba in an uncompromised apparel of swami clothes.  The public is curious, even respectful.

Our group also visited the Indian Embassy and met Vijayalakshmy Sunderrajan, who was clothed in traditional saree.

Evening time gave us the second opportunity for kirtan, and we sang in traditional Sanskrit.

May the Source be with you!

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