Saturday, 17 December 2016

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Edmonton, Alberta

Flying, Walking, Thinking
The flight to Edmonton was short and sweet—less than an hour.  The elevation wasn’t high and so the land below could easily be seen—a white quilt with patches (property lines).  The laden snow wasn’t a thick enough blanket.  The furrows of ploughed fields were not hidden and there were clear depressions of creeks, off the grid.  Quaint boxes for barns and homes dotted the white landscape.

It was awesome to look at.

I suggested to Bala Krishna, my driver from the airport, that I needed to walk.  With one of the priests at the Radha Govinda Cultural Centre, we were taken to “Meadows Community Centre.”  For an okay fee, you can walk, swim, bounce balls, lift weights, etc.  We walked the track, a 5 km length.  4.25 laps convert to one kilometer.

That went well, although I found it hard to get any people working-out to crack a smile.  Relax,” I thought, “you should be happy you’re getting bigger in the places you want.

Walking prepared me for a big meal at Yogendra and Saranagati’s home, followed by a session for a dozen kids and their parents.  May this swami say, “I had a blast!”

I picked up on Gandhi’s “7 dangers to Human Virtue.”

1.     Wealth without work
2.     Pleasure without conscience
3.     Knowledge without character
4.     Business without ethics
5.     Science without humanity
6.     Religion without sacrifice
7.     Politics without principle

May the Source be with you!

5 km

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