Monday, 12 December 2016

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Toronto, Ontario 

At Knife’s Point

We have an electrician, Dave, who brought his apprentice daughter to do some work on our altar.  Dave and his daughter had lunch with me and we chatted about recent interesting experiences.

He told of a chap from the Middle East whom he met not long ago—a hijacker.

“It was a flight from Cuba,” said Dave, “and it landed in Gander, Newfoundland.  This fellow admitted to pulling out his jack-knife and getting behind the two pilots and re-directing the flight.  Naturally, they didn’t anticipate this distraction.  They were at knife-point.”

Dave explained that when they got low enough  to see land, the hijacker viewed all this whiteness and asked the pilots about it.  “That’s called snow.”

The plane landed safely.  The man re-directing the flight was arrested, served his term and is now running his own business—a restaurant—successfully.

After Dave told the story, as we were finishing dessert, we came to several conclusions:
1) Gander is a famous Airport juncture in the world.  Remember 9-11? 
2) Hijacking is a crime and justice must be done to one guilty of it. 
3) Even a criminal can be reformed and end up doing good. 
4) Some crazy guy can be ready to slit your throat at any time.  Are you ready for it?

Yes, imminent death can come at any time.

May the Source be with you?

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