Monday, 12 December 2016

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

The Five P’s

In Saskatoon in December, it is already true winter.  The air is cold and crisp, but dry and brittle.  Your footsteps on the sidewalk make a clear clumping—at least my hiking boots create that sound.  The sky is blue and the sun shines.

Vivek and I drove over the river by way of one of the bridges.  Mystical clouds of vapour ascended from the water.  Similar puffy white cloud formations bellow out of smoke stacks and chimneys. I’m sure Siberia is the same with images of “white” rising to the heavens all the time.

Because of the cold, Vivek and I decided to get some walking in by doing so indoors.  30 below Celsius wasn’t too appealing, so we parked and entered at Field House, a large community hall for work-out, physical training and so on.  The place was huge and vibrant with young people.  We took to the walking track and put in over 5 kilometres.  Runners, both men and women, sped by with amazing pace.

“I don’t run,” I told Vivek.  “I gave it up long ago.”

The day was ceremonious for us for three reasons, starting with the fact that it is Gita Jayanti today, the anniversary of the Gita being spoken by Sri Krishna.  Also, Vivek had never been to Field House before, so it was a great discovery.  Lastly, after our walk, we had a stop-over at his “Karma Café,” his food business, where a group of us gathered for succession planning.  Now that the family running our sangas (spiritual gatherings) for six years, are moving to New York, we discussed how things will go on in their absence.  We bore in mind that Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (The 5 P’s).

May the Source be with you!

5 km

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