Saturday, 17 December 2016

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Calgary, Alberta


It was another -20° Celsius day.  Residents in the NE suburbs have their vehicles plugged in for engine warming.  The ignition keys are turned on to warm the vehicles interiors.  Motorists want a toasty feeling on their way to work.  Seats, now, also have built-in heaters.

As I’m passing by all their readied means of transport, I feel complete contentment with Creator-made mechanisms for keeping me warm.  My body registers at 37° Celsius (98.6 °F) and my coat and clothes, along with the walking motion, keep that furnace stoked.  Being a swami, I feel very relieved using simple accessories like my pockets.

I often wonder how yogis can be stoic in those mountain caves, but I can say that their power to adjust is remarkable and doable.  It takes tapasya (austerity) and a sense of self-discipline to achieve such feats.

Speaking of yogis, someone by the name of Yogendra drove me to a yogic destination, “Yoga and Beyond,” where I spoke on “Tales from Trails” and conducted a chanting session.  Students of astanga, the eight-fold yogic system, are generally very receptive to the devotional yoga approach.  You make friends.

Western yogis are usually young, energetic and open-minded.  Many of the participants crave love, like anyone else, and when they make the bhakti connection, it can be discovered that the ultimate One to love and be loved by is very much available.

You just have to take the opportunity to explore what’s there.

May the Source be with you!

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