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Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Toronto, Ontario 

Leaving but Loving
Paul Knitter, an American dialogue theologian once said, “Although the religions of the world are apples and oranges and are more different than they are alike, still there is a quality of “fruitfulness” that characterizes them all and out of which a ‘common ground’ for shared conversation can be established.”

I certainly believe in the above.  The brahmans of each community should converge to strengthen their relationships and establish a solidarity, despite different ways of approaching the Absolute.  It is a wholesome gesture.

For some years, I participated in interfaith sessions before I ‘hit the road’ to become a pilgrim.  The friendship and bonding amongst the faith leaders was truly rewarding.  I do recall becoming disenchanted, however, when a new representative of a particular group felt that in order for him to be part of the inclusiveness, we not say “God” or imply a Supreme Being, since his group were of a discipline but not a theism.  Clearly for them, there is not a persona or even a supreme energy that can be entertained within the world.

When the inter-faith group gave consideration and catered to the condition, I became disheartened.  Perhaps my thoughts or actions were immature.  I am curious about your comments.

I did become a marathon walker and it strengthened my belief in a Superior Power being very much a person.

May the Source be with you!

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