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Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Mayapur, India
Be Smart About Your Spiritual Fervour

It is quite astonishing to hear of another death today.  However you measure this one, auspicious or not for a relatively small town the frequency seems high.
This time it was a young man from the famed Krishna place called Vrindavan.  He and colleagues went for a sacred bath in the Ganges.  He stepped into an area which was not an official safe bathing location, slipped into a truly slippery slope, vanished into the water and was not seen from there on.  

It was around 7 pm when I heard of the loss of life from one of the swamis from India.  Nava Yogendra Swami informed me that one of his students standing next to him was there at the scene of the incident.  He tried to dive and swim for the victim's whereabouts, for a rescue but his efforts went in vain.
The young man who attempted the heroic feat and who was rather athletic-looking gave a look of regret, pain, and helplessness.
No one actually gave a name to the drowned victim.  I made some inquiry but only found out that the boy didn't know how to swim.  On the one hand you have someone who left his body to the holy liberating waters of Mother Ganga.  On the other hand it would seem quite unfortunate to have lived a short life.  Bless the young man who's death wasn't even mentioned by name at morning announcements in the large temple although notification was given at the kirtan wrap-up messages in the evening.
What to learn from this?  Perhaps, one should not get carried away in one's spiritual fervour to the point where your smarts have gone for a nap.  That's hard to make such a remark but these things are going on.
May the Source be with you!
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