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Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Mayapur, India

The Best of Lunch

The best of lunch are the chapatis that are pulled up by way of a device from one floor below.  Perhaps these flat-bread circular wonders are offered optimally with and without ghee (clarified butter).  We usually lunch in the Lotus Building.  Wheat, a chappati's main ingredient, is not indigenous to the area of Bengal like its' popular rice -  but it is loved.  With it, you tear off with right hand a portion of it, and with that, you scoop up almost any or all of the delectables on your plate.  It might be the air that touches these chapatis as they ascend from one veranda to the other that enhances the flavour.

They come out as soft and tasty fibrous edibles.  I know that I couldn't live without tortillas (similar to the chappati but larger) that hold in place my raw slices of veggies to form a wrap.  It's my morning mainstay.

When I see a chapati, whether on a temple kitchen grill, or on a shelf wrapped in a plastic zip-loc  bag from an Indian shop, or one that's handed to me lovingly from my support person on one of my walks - I relish those guys.  It can be a labour-intensive ordeal rolling out the dough, transferring it to a grill, and then properly exposing it to a flame.  Such is the methodology as executed by an incredible devotional crew, consisting of men and women, who put devotion to the task.

I've been walking trails in the area with rice paddy field on both sides of me but I have special preference to the wheat fields that produce those delicious chapatis or rotis worthy of being offered to the deity of Krishna with love and devotion.

May the Source be with you!

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