Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Mayapur, India
Our Youth

One particular burning issue for the pioneer phase of a society like the Hare Krishna movement is our youth.  How does such a protective - and at least in the minds of some people - a fairly insular group like ours, deal with their young and their integration into the bigger world?

We have our schools.  We have our culture, dress code, our cuisine, music, and beliefs that set us apart.  For practical reasons children who may have been raised and experienced our unique orthodoxy may see it as a challenge when it comes to career and life in a new environment that may come across as overly secular.

As the chairperson for "Vande Arts," an initiative that inspires and encourages young folks who grew up in such an environment and who have that artistic edge, I'm relieved to know there's hope.  Joining our initiative are a group of younger people who fit in to that category.  They are bright, energetic, intelligent, talented, and have a lot to give.  Amongst them we have a singer, actors, dancers, and graphic artists.  It's a well-rounded group who have a forte for flaunting skills with a spiritual theme.

This has been our fourth day of meeting over strategic planning.  So getting to know them, I'm confident that some of them will succeed, career-wise, and in keeping with some spiritual content.  It won't be solely the efforts of "Vande" that will bring them to glory but their involvement should aid them in their life's mission.  I'm enjoying their exuberance.  It reminds me of Krishna's effervescent youthfulness.

May the Source be with you!

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