Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Mayapur, India

From Tongue to Nose

Cashews and figs are my breakfast.  During meetings my colleagues and I enjoy a snack bar with water right out of the dab (coconut).  Other juices are freshly made pomegranate, sugar cane, lemon, and bael.  Delicious!  Good for any one walking or sitting (at meetings).

Lunch is much the same every day.  I pass on the rice but delight in steamed veggies, a banana curry, and today it was jackfruit, an actual vegetable.  I tell you, even a meat-eater would relish cooked jackfruit, its texture and taste.

Daru Brahman is a student of mine who brings a lighter meal at night during our rehearsals.  I will not pass up on the fruit-filled custard, a fitting food to our tummies taken just two hours before retiring for the night.

Somehow the above-mentioned gets burned up during the daily walk, the recreation of dance during the morning auspicious time at tulasi puja and then somehow or other the warmed-up temperature that we experience at our think-tank hours, the AGM for our society.

What a pleasant change it was to have that downpour of rain.  It didn't take much for areas to flood.  I guess you call it a token flood.  By the following morning most of that had disappeared and was drained out to the nearby Ganges.  It was shortly after the rainfall that the coriander fields in the area exploded in fragrance.  Tucked away we were in the samadhi auditorium at the time and that remarkable scent burst at the nostrils, adding to the magic of nature and its Creator.

May the Source be with you!

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