Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Mayapur, India
A Tale of Two Bulls
I guess you could say I'm the self-declared guide to a small group of first-timers.  These newbies from mostly North America took well to the Tarampura Road, the rural back road in the area.  Here you feel the past being visited.  Humble homes of, in some cases grass roofs, charm the area by their very presence.  A visit to one of these houses namely Vaikunthanath, the known 'bead man,' added a mild spice to the day when we chanted kirtan to his deities of Krishna and then sipped on Ayurvedic tea.
On our return foot-trip to the main temple we spotted the lone bull we massaged on the previous day.  It's that flabby skin underneath their neck that invites the human hand for stroking.  However, the bull in the pen of yesterday and the same bull in the field demonstrated a different demeanour and character.  I was foolishly bold to go to him anticipating a docile encounter from him, but "no", this guy strutted his three-to-four-foot long horns and momentarily locked my right arm in his foreboding weapon.
I got myself free and made a dash.  Fortunately he didn't pursue as the young men looked on at the quick ordeal in awe and concern.  I was just hoping for a good photo shot with the guy, that's all.
Now, the biggest chunk of the day was spent with peers - gurus, sannyasis, and monks of the highest renounced order.  As a group we were facilitated by looking at a 50 year Hare Krishna past and discovering trends and patterns between society-at-large, our ISKCON institution and our personal experiences.  It was a most interesting session.
May the Source be with you!
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