Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Mayapur, India
The Sun, Movement and Heat
I pondered, "Morning and walking are still the perfect couple."  Pre-dawn, dawn itself, and a piece of post-dawn are the perfect trio.  Walking, chanting in the shower of sunshine is the superlative function of any day.  How important is fitness for both body and mind!

I'm spending four to five hours each day after this solar bathing with youth in a dark place.  The Samadhi Auditorium is the venue for our drama practices and its located in a basement level.  Just when the sun radiates more intensely you will find me down there.
Now, there was an incident where two actors sparked a minor feud.  Yes, people can get heated up even in a cooler place.  Fortunately the relations between the two did get smoothed out because on the basis of the spiritual family we belong to, a mature perception about the incident prevailed.
There was one more element that evolved in the semi-circular amphitheatre - shaped auditorium.  Two of the young men took to wrestling moves because that is what the story-line calls for.  (Yes, indeed Krishna wrestles with the big brute, Chanura).
Also, the actor playing the role of the tyrant, Kamsa, demonstrated a fiery fight scene as part of the rehearsal.  He worked up a sweat and with an agility that I did not see in him when we first started ten days ago.  In reality, even the youth are out of shape.  I, however, noted a change in practically everyone on the rubber-matted stage.  They were experiencing a physical stimulation to parallel the spiritual experience enjoyed by them.
I remarked to Gaura, one of the actors, "Go for that balance.  It is key...!"
May the Source be with you!
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