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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

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Brampton, Ontario

Today Lakshman, who has been conducting walks for six years in the sacred grounds of Vrindavan, India, delivered the morning talk about saint Madhavendra Puri. Madhavendra did extensive travel himself, as a tradition for pilgrims. In Lakshman's explanation we heard how Madhavendra had so many epiphanies in his life- dreams and miracles of deity communication which appeared to follow him. These interactions with Krishna as a deity sent him into ecstasies.

Those of us who sat in the temple room's corner to hear the narrations felt a yearning for this kind of experiential joy. Just by listening to the journeys of the lives of such elevated persons one establishes a type of sraddha, a supportive belief in the sublime. If only the world could indulge in hearing such pastimes in place of or in addition to the mundane news of constant repetition, it would definitely stir up sentiments of the spirit. It leads the listener to a greater depth in life.

To fast-forward I was sitting patiently later in the day a good 30 kilometres away waiting to be called at the dental clinic in Brampton, one client was making his exit when he glanced over to notice the robes. He was a curious Canadian who just perked up, came to my seat to introduce himself. We talked about a level much beyond teeth cleaning. At about 55 years of age he still manifested a boyish wonder- in this case about spiritual life. I hope and pray he will consider spiritual life an option.

My thoughts dwelt on the fact that there are millions like him that hold an intrigue for the spiritual component of life. There are many seekers.

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