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Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Perhaps You've Heard

White City, Saskatchewan

Perhaps you've heard the saying, "The mind should be like a parachute.  It works when you open it."  That may hold true when there is space and air.  There's also a time when you must withdraw it and pack it in.  You must know when to open and close it.

When it comes to spiritual life and learning of the science of the self, we should indeed be open to listen, provided it is a good source of information and the deliverer lives out his word.  Another way to say it is "to walk your talk".

Being out here in the prairies makes me feel that I am in the wild, in the open, very free.  The sky is forever.  The fields are spacious.  Even in the residential areas like White City, property owners rarely arrange for a fence, a hedge or a wall around their lot.
With the sun exposed today I was tempting visitors to my hosts' place to be out there and experience the wildness of out-of-doors.  These folks, a dozen or so, came with the intent to meet me, to hear (to have an open mind), to have some prasadam (blessed food).  Well, they received all of the above.  We talked philosophy - even cracked a few jokes.  But enough of being couped up inside.  These people came for an experience.  They are used to inside satsangs, gatherings.  The wind, sun and space were beckoning.  So all surrendered to that ultimate social outing. 

By evening, after company left at our hosts Jagannath, an accomplished palm reader, Cintamani, an active social worker, and daughter Kavita, also a social worker, I was treated along with a young Krishna follower, Jahnavi, to a showing of a British production, a DVD of "The Story of India" with moderator Michael Woods.  It's a marvelous production.  I was open to hear all that was being conveyed.  In general, I liked it.  My doubts arose when it proposed that travelers from Africa came to India to inhabit the place.  I'm skeptical over that one.  No proof!  Sorry, but my mind will remain open to alternative proposals.  This is another Aryan invasion theory.

The mind can open and close but I refuse to be too gullible. 

10 Km

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