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Friday, April 20th, 2012

Saskatoon?  Doing Well!

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Have legs, will travel!  Have beads, will chant!

Along the ridge I went, chanting softly.  Right next to the Canadian Pacific Railway Line is this ridge which became my very own trail for the moment.  Carefully plodding ahead the terrain is great for the feet as it is happily uneven.  I even had to dodge some gopher holes as this is prairie dog country.

The overnight frost, showing its whiteness vanished within minutes to turn to a wet dew.

When Kasyapa and Panchami first arrived in Saskatoon from Toronto a mere 2 1/2 years ago, the reception to their regular homespun satsang (spiritual gathering) was a trite cool.  Now it is more than lukewarm.  Who's responding?  Well, some of the parents of the friends of their two kids Jaya, 12, and Radhika, 6.  Also, some of the local ladies who are recipients of Panchami's cooking lessons.  Some newly-dispatched-from Toronto immigrants from Gujarat, largely young men, have heard about the programs.  Fresh from Dubai is an already trained and enthusiastic couple.  And this evening Mac came, a Saskatchewan born fellow, an accountant and friend of a regular visitor, a doctor from South Africa.  Jackie, also from Saskatoon, comes along with her hubby, a Mauritian, Vishal and son, Krish.  I'm getting to know everyone.

From humble beginnings to this.  The thaw has begun.  In July our youth bus tour will perform kirtan, dance and drama for the first time. 

My evening talk at Kasyapa and Panchami's home, centered around the topic of transcendence and detachment from this world.  We had selected chapter 4, verse 20 to correspond with today's date.  And very fortunately the questions coming from the thirty of so guests were phenomenal. 

I applauded this couple for being so forthright in their determination to land this consciousness of Krishna in this rather remote city of Saskatoon, which is very much a kind of boom town.  From gloom to boom, you can't feel the gloom of a predicted doom for the year 2012 as Mayan calendars say.

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