Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

In A Kind of Space

Regina, Saskatchewan

It appears that many planets orbit around the Milky Way.  What I mean by that is on Regina's Victoria Avenue there exist this really popular ice cream joint called "The Milky Way".  The place which according to Jagannath has been in existence for over thirty years, is like a magnet attracting customers like crazy on any break-through sunny day.

I wasn't aware of the delectable shop but I passed by it twice today only to find out that the pedestrian population is one of the most concentrated in the whole city.

Two young part black chaps spotted me.  They came orbiting over to me.  Crossing six lanes in order to talk.  The one guy's name was Dave.  The more talkative one was Johnny Bro.  I offered my fanciest handshake possible.  I told them that I came in for a landing to the place of open skies, Saskatchewan, to speak about Mother Earth.  Being Earth Day, I was intent on doing just that.  Johnny Bro was particularly curious about my orange spacesuit.

Further down the road and on my way to my speaking venue I met two tall braves (I guess you could say in native terms).  I assumed they were Cree.  They ended up being really curious about Krishna Consciousness and asked many questions relating to life, time and space.

Upon my return journey from a successful chanting, dancing and speaking program in Honour of Mother Earth, held at the ISKCON Center, a white couple near the Milky Way ‘sputniked’ across Victoria Ave. to talk.

"It's not often you see a monk around here."  I told about Earth's significant role in our lives.  They were happy to meet.  The Padma Purana, an ancient Vedic text, states that planet Earth is blessed to have Sri Krishna touching it when He spoke His great wisdom to Arjuna.

May we better protect the Earth, Mother Bhumi.

15 Km

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