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Monday, April 23rd, 2012

From Rot to Goodness
Toronto, Ontario

This morning was my return to central Canada after a nine day trip to the country's mid-west, the prairies. What I noticed in the four cities where I visited in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina was a substantial increase in attendance to devotional programs. This is a good sign that rivals tendencies in this spiritually slow age of Kali. The inclination is to gravitate to the more lowly options.
Kali is defined as "dark". Sometimes the age of Kali is referred to as the age of iron. It indicates that it is a time when inferior activity takes prime position.
On my flight on Air Canada I decided to educate myself on one of America's idolized Kali yuga (age) characters. Having completed my chanting of a prescribed sixteen rounds, I thought to learn from a documentary on what all the fuss was about in regards to an apparent hero. In the 1800's there were a number of American Robin Hoods, underdogs and rebels. There were characters like Billy the Kid, Wyatt Erp, Jesse James. There were others I'm sure that I'm not aware of. When I was young these names used to come up. I knew little about them.
I looked for an hour at the life of Jesse James. My comment, "What a Kali-yuga man!" Here was a real cold blooded murderer who somehow received the attention he wanted. Terrorism can make a person famous. He succeeded. I guess there is merit in studying the psyche of a criminal to understand them, how they got to be what they are and how their childhood was moulded and/or twisted. It just convinces me more and more how important good training, suitable engagement and how a lot of love can spare someone from falling into the crevices of Kali-yuga madness.
The most compelling stories (I'm sure you'll agree) have to deal with how a person went from being rotten to being a saint, or at least being good.
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